Sunday, 6 March 2011

Changes in Design

So yeah, not too long back I created a logo for a company called "Yakstand" - the tag line being "Regurgitate What You Read."

I spent a lot of time perfecting the logo, sending multiple revisions and creating something which I felt really suited the business idea. The logo got great response, and was (to my surprise) featured in the LogoPond gallery ( which I was ecstatic about - and the company owner was really happy about the advertising potential of this. Anyway, I signed over all the copyrights and stuff, took payment and the job was done.

Here's the logo and my 'pitch':


"Logo design for a blog concept where people can go to discuss the content of newspapers and magazines. The animal horn is universally recognised as a way of alerting others, sending messages and generally just making noise. Here, a noisy Yak's horn is represented by a rolled up newspaper/magazine. And hey, who hasn't rolled up a paper and screamed down it before? YAAAAK!"

When I visited the website, to my shock he had changed the logo entirely. Not only this, but it seemed he'd possibly got another designer involved to do so. I was quite gutted (maybe even offended) to see something I'd spent so long on defaced like that, and in my opinion the new logo doesn't have the same feel to it - especially with the addition of the word "the" when it isn't even in the domain name.

The new logo:


I guess since the rights to the logo are now his, there's nothing I can do... and I've already received full payment, so should I even be complaining?

What are your opinions on clients changing work such as this? Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Splash... Headshot!

I don't have much artsy stuff on YouTube, but here's a little fun video I recorded after a house party at my friend's in Manchester when having some fun with the fire extinguisher. The guy who got soaked just fell asleep again right after! Sorry about the horrendous quality, this was recorded on a camera phone but just seemed too funny not to share.

Fire Extinguisher Headshot (For optimum pleasure, let the video load/play through then keep tapping 6)

To be fair, the accuracy of the shot is pretty damn fucking good!

Friday, 4 March 2011


Hi guys - just thought I'd share with you a little something I made at university today. We had the challenge of creating one of our favorite music artists in the style of our favorite artist at the time. I decided to do a portrait of John Lennon in the rough style you see here. This was hand drawn in Flash using my graphics tablet. Duno why but I much prefer the drawing interface of Flash than Illustrator's.


And while being on the subject of a Beatle - here's a great animation to The Beatle's song Maxwell Edison by a flash artist over at Newgrounds named HotDiggedyDemon. I love the literal interpretation of the words! Also like how the animation has a somewhat Fairly Odd Parents feel to it.

The animated symbol style is made great use of here.

My journey through art.

Hello world, welcome to my little space on the internet. Here I'll be dumping all the little bits of things I find whilst studying Graphic Arts and Design at Leeds Met university. If all goes to plan there'll build up a nice mixture of my own work along with the work of those who inspire me (and hopefully will inspire you too).

I've decided to spend the next semester focussing on 2D animation. I've been dabbling with Flash for a quite a few years now and there's nothing more I'd love than to one day make a job of it. While doing my usual research rounds I stumbled across this little gem created by CalArts student Nelson Boles.

Absolutely love the style of this, his sense for timing is unreal.

Here's another animation by the same artist. Although not quite as polished as the previous one, it never fails to crack me up.