Friday, 4 March 2011

My journey through art.

Hello world, welcome to my little space on the internet. Here I'll be dumping all the little bits of things I find whilst studying Graphic Arts and Design at Leeds Met university. If all goes to plan there'll build up a nice mixture of my own work along with the work of those who inspire me (and hopefully will inspire you too).

I've decided to spend the next semester focussing on 2D animation. I've been dabbling with Flash for a quite a few years now and there's nothing more I'd love than to one day make a job of it. While doing my usual research rounds I stumbled across this little gem created by CalArts student Nelson Boles.

Absolutely love the style of this, his sense for timing is unreal.

Here's another animation by the same artist. Although not quite as polished as the previous one, it never fails to crack me up.



  1. lol kind of senseless but funny ;D
    followed this might get funny..

  2. I will follow you ofcourse. If next videos could great as these in 50%... holy mother, would be awesome. :)

  3. Why wouldn't you?!

    I think smoking the hair just represents the fact that people will smoke/take anything.